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Online Degree Pathway Costs

Online Degree Pathway Costs

Investing in your degree is a smart decision

According to, workers with bachelor’s degrees can earn 66% more than high school graduates over a 40-year working life. The time and money invested in your education pays off, and when you begin your path to a bachelor’s degree with Boise State’s Online Degree Pathway you’ll build a solid foundation for your future. The other good news? You’ll get an affordable $350/credit rate with no added fees if you’re from out of state.

Through online education, you will experience a cost savings for your education by eliminating transportation costs incurred from an in-person program. According to AAA in 2016, the average cost per mile is 57.1 cents. Eliminate the travel, wear and tear on your vehicle, and carbon emissions by choosing online education.

Total Pathway Investment

Your total costs at Boise State may vary depending on your previous credits. The following is an outline of the Online Degree Pathway costs for a student.

Boise State Undergraduate Admissions Application Fee$50
Courses (most classes are 3 credits)$350/credit
Books (estimate)$150/course
To earn a degree from Boise State University, students must complete 120 credits; 43-46 credits are typically foundation courses like those completed in the ODP

*The per credit fees listed above are for the 2018-19 academic year. Future academic year per credit fees may vary slightly and are finalized each May. Notice: Boise State and other state university employees: Fee waivers do not apply to the pathway.


Money Matters

  • Apply for Financial Aid
  • Review available scholarships
  • Check payment deadlines
  • Set up direct deposit and/or payment plans

Applying for Financial Aid

Other Opportunities

In addition to federal financial aid, we encourage you to review other opportunities to help fund your education including:

  • Employer Reimbursement

Let us help you take that next step!

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