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Online Applied Leadership Costs

Program Costs

Total Program Investment

Boise State Undergraduate Application Fee (non-refundable)$50
Courses (12 total credits @ $335 per credit)$4,020
Books (estimate)$170
Graduation Application Fee (for degree-seeking certificate students)$20
Approximate Total Investment$4,260
Other potential expenses may include a personal computer, webcam, headphones with mic, and internet access, which are all required for this program.Varies
Fees are subject to change. For more details about other costs see Program Fees.

Financial Aid

    For students enrolled at another University and receiving financial aid:

  • Meet with your advisor at your home institution to certify that the courses will count towards your major at your home institution.
  • Check with your financial aid office at your home institution to see if they will initiate a financial aid consortium agreement with Boise State University.
  • Assuming you complete the above steps, Boise State will provide enrollment verification information to your home institution and you should receive aid from your home institution based on your enrollment at both institutions.
    For students enrolled at another University, NOT receiving financial aid:

  • Enrolling in Boise State courses and courses at your home institution may provide enough credits to become eligible for aid at your home institution. You must seek a consortium agreement (see above) from your home institution.
    For students enrolled at Boise State:

  • If you are not seeking an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at Boise State, you are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • If you require financial assistance but are ineligible for federal financial aid, please view the information regarding other sources of financial aid.


Money Matters

  • If degree-seeking, apply for Financial Aid
  • If degree-seeking, review available scholarships
  • Check payment deadlines
  • Set up direct deposit and/or payment plans

Applying for Financial Aid

Other Opportunities

In addition to federal financial aid, we encourage you to review other opportunities to help fund your education including:

  • Employer Reimbursement

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