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Design Ethnography Certificate

  • Online Certificate in Design Ethnography – Working with people to create better experiences

    Complement your degree or advance your career with a flexible online certificate in Design Ethnography. Working with people to create better experiences.

What is Design Ethnography?

Ethnography is the analysis of human behavior based on direct observation, conversation, and interaction in naturalistic, real world settings.

Design is the process of fitting products, services, policies, and organizations to human needs.

Design Ethnography leverages multiple qualitative methods to develop insights into how real people interact with products, services, policies, and organizations. Design Ethnography has both public and private sector uses including human-centered design and user experience/UX research.

The Design Ethnography Certificate introduces you to essential ethnographic skills and ethical principles. The emphasis is on learning through practical exercises, culminating in negotiating, planning, and executing a capstone project that delivers insights to a real world stakeholder. Across the courses, you will develop your social media profile, expand your professional network, and evaluate your skill-set in relation to recent job postings.

Learn more about how Design Ethnography skills take you beyond a major in this Focus magazine article.


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    academic supportThe Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) provides academic support for students including online tutoring, academic coaching, and success workshops. The Boise State Writing Center provides online consultations for students who want feedback on their writing assignments.
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    educational accessWe design all our courses to meet current accessibility standards. However, if you need an additional accommodation to fully participate in online courses or programs at Boise State University, the Educational Access Center is here to support you. You can request services online and an Educational Access Specialist will work with you and your program to provide the necessary support for you to be successful.
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    career centerThe Career Center is your resource for applying for an internship, planning for your career, searching for a job, or preparing for graduate school. You can even schedule an appointment to speak with a Career Counselor. To learn more, visit the Virtual Career Center.
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