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Design Ethnography Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Learners who successfully complete the Design Ethnography Certificate will be able to:

  • Explain the appropriate application of ethnography to generate insights that inform diverse design challenges.
  • Develop competence in core ethnographic methods through direct, hands-on exercises.
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues to develop, conduct, and evaluate qualitative user research.
  • Document proficiency in ethnographic methods through building a professional portfolio.
  • Practice research on human subjects in compliance with the law, University standards, and professional ethical codes.
  • Successfully propose, plan, conduct and communicate an independent Capstone project* in design ethnography.

*Check out some of the great capstone projects completed by Design Ethnography students.

image of John PapenfussI really like having exposure to so many different backgrounds to help shape perspective. The course is incredibly well designed to help you build confidence and nurture your own creativity.

Additionally, the coursework is highly applicable to what global companies are looking for in job candidates. Some people in HR don’t know what anthropology is, but they understand and respect the Design Ethnography Certificate and know that I have expertise in working with qualitative and quantitative data to enhance user experience.”John Papenfuss - Senior, Anthropology Major


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Authors Bridgette Jordan and Sam Ladner argue ethnography is now a “core” competence in major corporations and it adds real value to business strategies. The Boise State University Design Ethnography certificate program will help you become a GREAT candidate for emerging jobs.


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