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User Experience Focused Design

Team collaboration focused on design ethnography, design thinking, qualitative research and user experience

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  • Career Enhancement

About the Online Design Ethnography Certificate

Boise State University offers a fully online Design Ethnography certificate to advance your education in ethnographic techniques and prepare you for emerging careers in user research, user experience (UX), service design, product design, branding, marketing, and organizational innovation.

The certificate consists of 9, 1-credit courses, and a 3-credit capstone project. In preparation for the capstone project, you will engage in practical exercises in diverse forms of qualitative user research including interviews, contextual inquiry, and rapid ethnographic assessments. For the capstone project, you will negotiate a research problem with real world stakeholders and then plan, conduct, and report findings, receiving feedback from industry experts. This program helps you build a social media profile and expand your professional network.

Combine the Design Ethnography Certificate with a wide variety of human-centered majors – from marketing to social work – to benefit from synergies, or take individual classes adding specific qualitative skills to your professional resume.

Program Highlights

  • Guided, experiential program
  • 7-week classes
  • Earn Certificate in 21 weeks with full-time study
  • Flexible program allows for part-time study
  • Learn how to apply ethnography to industry problems
  • $497 per credit with no out-of-state tuition or international fees

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Great Opportunity to Learn About Design Research!

design research and training“We are excited to offer this unique online certificate. There really is nothing like it in the United States. It’s a great opportunity to gain knowledge about booming fields of user experience research and applied qualitative research and apply those skills in your career.”Dr. John Ziker -- Ethnography Certificate Director, Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology


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